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Dreamweaver Support Page

This article will explain how to publish your website using Dreamweaver.

1. Launch Dreamweaver from your desktop or Start menu

2. From the menu bar, click on "Site". Now click "Define Sites..." below that.

3. Select your previously defined site from the list and then click "Edit...".
Otherwise, you can create a new site from here.

4. From the list on the left labeled "Category", click "Remote Info".
Select "FTP" in the "Access" drop-down list.

Enter your "FTP Host". Replace mydomain.com with your domain name.

Enter / for the "Host Directory" field.

Enter your e-mail style account login that you created in the "Login" field.

Enter the password for your account in the "Password" field and check the

"Save" box if you wish to have the program remember your password for the next time.

Click "OK".

Note: If you have problems accessing the server, please select the box labeled "Use Passive FTP".

5. Select "Site" and then "Site Files".

6. Select all your web site files in the right pane labeled "Local Folder". Now click the blue arrow that is pointing upwards. Your files will now be uploaded to your server.



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